Best Wholesale Greenhouse Kits Hacks to Save You Money


A Wholesale Greenhouse Kits by another name would be “greenhouse in a box.”

They are do-it-yourself greenhouses that include the frame, covering, and hardware to set up a greenhouse of your choosing.

Using a greenhouse to grow flowers, vegetables, or fruit has many advantages, including increased yield, longer growing seasons, and less stressful beginnings for starting seeds.

Any greenhouse can be moderately expensive to start; however, a greenhouse kit allows for a more economical approach, especially for the beginner.

What is the Best Wholesale Greenhouse Kits?

An excellent video by Sturdi-built Greenhouses will help you get an idea of what to expect when purchasing your first greenhouse kit.

A quick note here: many manufacturers of wholesale greenhouse kits call their products by different names, but the styles are consistent even among different brand names.

For example, Sturdi Built calls their Gothic Style greenhouse kits “Tudor,” while GroSpan refers to their kit as Gothic HobbyPro.

This can be a little confusing to the novice, so let’s talk about some of the most commonly seen styles of greenhouses.

wholesale greenhouse kits
wholesale greenhouse kits

Where to put your greenhouse?

Have you decided where you are going to build your greenhouse?

Location is important for more than just ensuring your growing plants get enough light every day.

You must consider your own needs as well: can you get back and forth easily to your greenhouse at least twice a day?

Don’t forget that your plants will need to be watered, so consider where nearby hoses are installed or where new water lines can be run.

Is the path from your house to the greenhouse level and easy to push a wheel barrel along?

Or is it rocky and difficult to walk on?

Maybe it is easy on dry days but becomes a swamp in the rain?

All these scenarios can be avoided with proper placement.

If getting to your greenhouse is difficult in the best weather, you aren’t going to want to hang out in it in the worst.

Your greenhouse should be situation to catch as much available sunlight as possible.

If you live in a more northerly region, building it near a windbreak that doesn’t create too many shadows is ideal.

The base for your greenhouse should be slightly sloped, or if that is not possible, drainage pipes should be installed to take water away from the structure.

Pipes can also help deter burrowing rodents.

The door of your greenhouse should always be built away from the prevailing wind of your region to avoid losing too much heat in the winter.

Plants that are suddenly exposed to cold too often can go into shock and their growth may slow or they may die.

Another consideration when building your greenhouse: electricity.

You may wish to install lighting so that you can work with your plants throughout the year.

This is the one part of the project that should certainly be done by a professional.

An electrician can also advise you on whether electrical or natural gas heating will be best for your greenhouse.

This article by helps explain choosing a location for your greenhouse in more detail.

What are common styles of greenhouses?

Watch this helpful Youtube Video: “What type of Greenhouse Should You Build?” It gives an excellent overview of the many styles of greenhouses available today.

Now that you have an idea of some of the various styles, I’d like to discuss some of the more common ones that can be purchased as kits.

As one of the considerations when buying a wholesale greenhouse kit, care should always be taken to be familiar with your local laws regarding building.

There are only a few greenhouses that can be properly built without a foundation being poured.

Since many localities regard a building with a foundation as an “improvement,” you may need to have a license to build it on your property.

Round Arch Greenhouse

The Round Arch style greenhouse is common and easy to set up.

Some manufacturers of wholesale greenhouse kits call this a “Round” greenhouse.

Round Arch greenhouses can be purchased in many size kits, from about 12’ x 12’ to about 14’ x 28.’

Round greenhouses are excellent in mild climates but are generally not strong enough to withstand high winds or heavy snows.

This type of greenhouse requires no foundation and is most often covered with plastic film.

Depending on your region, it can be costly to heat in the winter.

Gothic Arch Greenhouse

The Gothic Arch greenhouse is a stronger design than the round arch style.

It also requires no foundation and can be built in a larger size, ranging from about 14’ x 16’ to about 18’ x 36.’

Smaller buildings are about 8’ tall, but they can range to 10’ in height.

Depending on the cover and frame materials, the Gothic Arch may sometimes be a little cheaper to heat in the winter.

Snow tends to slide off the sides of these greenhouses, making them a little less prone to winter damage.

Larger Gothic Arch greenhouses may have trusses or crossbars added to help strengthen the frame.

Some people even add a center pole to their greenhouses in the winter, though this can interfere with the plants getting enough light, so care should be taken to address this problem if necessary.

Traditional Greenhouse

When many people hear the word “greenhouse,” they picture a glassed-in building filled with flowers and surrounded by trees or bushes. This is the Traditional or “engineered” greenhouse.

It is not as common as a greenhouse kit, and the kits are generally smaller than the other styles, usually between 6’ x 8’ and 10’ x 12’.

One of the many advantages of the Traditional greenhouse is that it is a permanent building that needs a foundation.

It has a stronger frame and is much easier to vent for air circulation than the other greenhouse styles we have discussed so far.

It can be covered with plastic, plexi-glass, or even glass.

It offers excellent lighting but can be expensive to heat, depending largely on frame and cover materials.

Gothic-Traditional Greenhouse

The Gothic Traditional greenhouse combines some of the best features of both the Gothic Arch and Traditional designs.

These may or may not need a foundation, depending on the size of the building.

They are often built with bent tubing and may be covered with plastic film or plastic panels.

Heating costs will vary based on your region’s climate, but these types of greenhouses tend to do better in cooler climates than the Round Arch or Gothic Arch types.

Due to their construction, they are easy to vent for air circulation all year.

Sunroom Greenhouse

The Sunroom Greenhouse, or passive solar greenhouse, is truly an extension of your home.

It can even add value to an existing home when built correctly.

It can be covered in glass or polycarbonate panels and should only be used for hobby or family growing, not commercial.

Sunroom greenhouse kits can be made in sizes from about 6’ x 8’ up to a whole side of the house 8’ x 20’ room.

Frames: the skeleton of your greenhouse.

It goes without saying that your greenhouse is only as good as the frame it is built upon.

The frame is the weight-bearing skeleton of the entire building and needs to be chosen with care.

In the case of a greenhouse kit that is meant to be temporary or easily movable, you are going to need a lighter frame.

If you are choosing a permanent structure, such as a traditional greenhouse, then a heavier material will not only suit your needs but will also add visual appeal, too.

Greenhouses Built With PVC Greenhouses

PVC is lightweight and generally the least expensive greenhouse frame material on the market.

Greenhouses built upon a PVC frame are easy to move, the frame will not rot or rust.

They are, however, vulnerable to high winds and the overall structure isn’t very strong; heavy icing or snow build-up can destroy the greenhouse very quickly, so this type is generally not recommended for colder regions.

Also known as “hoop houses,” the PVC greenhouse is great for a temporary spring and summer growing season.

Other plastic and resin frames are good choices as they can withstand rain and light snow.

One drawback is that if they are not UV treated, they will warp from constant sun exposure.

Like PVC, plastic and resin will not rust or rot.

Steel Greenhouse

A steel-framed greenhouse is a work of art.

This type of frame is very strong and long-lasting.

It can be very expensive and is meant for a permanent greenhouse.

Greenhouse Built With Wood

Strong woods, such as cedar and redwood, are the most traditional greenhouse frames.

Like steel, wood frames are meant for permanent buildings.

Most wood that is used in building greenhouses today is pressure-treated to protect it against mold and warping.

But care should still be taken to check with the manufacturer of your wholesale greenhouse kit that this has been done to ensure you less trouble once the project is completed.

Wood greenhouse kits come in a variety of styles and sizes, for example, your can find Wooden Greenhouse kits in sizes from 8’ x 8’ to larger than the average garden shed.

Plastic Greenhouse Covers
Plastic Greenhouse Covers

What do I cover my greenhouse with?

The second most important part of your greenhouse is the covering.

The covering, or glazing, that you choose will affect lighting conditions within your greenhouse, heat gain or loss, and air circulation.

A wide variety of coverings are available for you to choose from, including plastic film sheeting, polycarbonate panels, and glass.

Least Expensive Greenhouse Covers Polyethylene Film

Polyethylene film can be placed on your greenhouse in either single or double layers.

It is manufactured in both panels and as rolls.

There are different grades, all based on the expected life of the material; these vary from 1 year to 4 years.

This is the least expensive type of greenhouse covering.

Polycarbonate Greenhouses Covers

Polycarbonate greenhouse coverings are available in either corrugated or multi-wall types.

Both types are resistant to hail damage and are coated with UV protectant on the outer surfaces.

They are produced in anti-condensation varieties, as well.

Some types of polycarbonate coverings come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Solexx Greenhouse Covers

Solexx greenhouse covering is a mixture of PVC, steel, and tubing that is excellent for many climates.

The panels are flexible and easy to cut, move, and position around your greenhouse.

Traditional Glass Greenhouse Covering

Glass is the “traditional” greenhouse covering, and the reason people still call the process of covering a greenhouse “glazing.”

Glass is the most expensive cover, but the most economical in the long run.

It can be purchased as double strength or insulated and has the longest lifetime of any other material, generally lasting upwards of 25 years or more.

Glass is highly UV resistant; when insulated, will keep you from losing heat in your greenhouse for many years.

What flooring should I use?

The flooring you pick for your greenhouse is largely based personal preference.

Some people like rubber mats, others prefer a packed-dirt floor.

Whether you choose plastic, rubber, stone, or dirt should also involve the same considerations as location.

Water run-off, easy of cleaning, and overall wear-and-tear will help you chose the best flooring for your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Flooring solutions has an excellent article on the different types of flooring available.

Greenhouse heater
Greenhouse heater

Heating and Cooling your greenhouse

Growing plants need lots of sunlight, plenty of water, good soil, and proper temperatures.

The minimum temperature that most flowers, produce, and fruit can withstand is about 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are two widely available choices for heating your greenhouse: electricity and natural gas.

This short video by Doodley Dee Farm can help you with your heating and cooling your Greenhouse decisions.

They are located in Texas, but the same ideas can apply to any climate.

Cooling and ensuring good air circulation in your greenhouse can be done by fans or by vents.

Vents can be built right into the covering, especially if you are using plastic film or polycarbonate.

On warm spring days and in the summertime, glass windows and doors can be opened.

Buying The Best Wholesale Greenhouse Kits

Wholesale Greenhouse Kits – greenhouse is something that gardeners can enjoy and truly be proud of.

It will provide you with a growing environment in which you can grow many numerous types of plants, flowers vegetables.

It will allow you to grow your favorite vegetables, plants or flowers regardless of the season.

There is a plenty that goes into building and maintaining a successful greenhouse structure.

Including all the matters in wholesale and retail greenhouse accessories and supplies that help enhance the grower’s ability to conveniently, happily and comfortably work within the growing environment.

By purchasing a small or moderate sized greenhouse kit, you will be ready to good control the temperature and other aspects.

You may select a prefabricated home structure that can be purchased.

Their operational and upkeep costs are usually nominal than some of the larger greenhouse.

You may choose to grow plants, flowers or vegetables. It is an excellent way to start cuttings or seeds early so they will be able for early season planting.

What’s Included in the Best Greenhouse Kits?

Buying wholesale greenhouse kit is best way to save much amount of your money.

While the majority of wholesale suppliers simply sell to retail supply firms, this is possible to occasionally purchase direct.

With a little bit of homework, locating a greenhouse supplier doesn’t need to be difficult.

Greenhouse equipment suppliers are often a best source for wholesale kits.

Greenhouses of a plenty of designs can be found at affordable prices.

They can also be of good help when it comes to plants for the interior of your structure.

The web has made it much comfortable to locate wholesale greenhouse pots and greenhouse plastic wholesale and other accessories.

By spending few time searching different related online portals, locating an inexpensive wholesale greenhouse kits ought not to be too hard.

The downside to online shopping is that there is an extra charge for shipping.

Hobby Greenhouses are rapidly growing in popularity.

With the overwhelming rise of the modern technology, a lot of people are demanding the most natural plant and food products.

That’s why most of the growers have realized the success this kind job can offer.

One of the good reasons to start a venture like a greenhouse structure is that you get to enjoy good satisfaction.

Greenhouse growers get to enjoy the gratification of what they are able to contribute to the environment and the community, and if they are successful, they can earn good income.

A lot of Companies offer a great range of greenhouse supplies to help with building a greenhouse, as well as repairing your greenhouse structure.