5 Great Mini Indoor Greenhouse Hacks You Should Know

Updated: April 26th, 2019Mini indoor greenhouses are a pleasure for the eyes and the environment. They add just a touch of green to your decor while producing nutritious fruit and fresh air. If you’re looking to set up a mini indoor greenhouse, we have some tips and tricks that could help you get the best … Read more

10 Hacks To Maximize Space In A Small Indoor Greenhouse

Small indoor greenhouse can be used to grow many types of plants. It also great for getting seeds started earlier than usual. Keeping a greenhouse is an excellent way to grow a variety of plants year-round. You don’t need a huge, expensive greenhouse to be able to enjoy indoor growing. If you know what to…

Indoor Greenhouse Space Requirements, Needs and Benefits

Updated: April 24th, 2019An indoor greenhouse is an awesome idea for growing your own food. And it can be both a relaxing hobby and a great way to provide nutrition for your family. When you have your own garden, you know exactly how the food was grown, and whether it is natural and healthy. If … Read more

Amazon Best Seller Greenhouses — Three Reliable Small Greenhouses

Updated: May 3rd, 2019If you’re like me, you’d have dreamt of putting together a fantastic garden for years. We’ve shortlisted 3 Amazon best seller greenhouses that you can assemble easily in small and medium-sized spaces. These greenhouse sellers understand that though it would be awesome to have enough land for a walk-in greenhouse, it isn’t … Read more

Mini Greenhouses Are A Great Start For Gardening

Updated: May 13th, 2019Are you yearning to grow your own plants, flowers and produce, but lack the space required for a full-blown garden? Maybe you live in the city, where a rooftop patio is the closest thing you have to a yard. Or maybe you’re in a neighborhood, sharing an outdoor space with families that … Read more

Portable Greenhouse Ideas for Growing Sensitive Plants

Updated: May 13th, 2019A portable greenhouse is a protected greenhouse structure, made with lightweight materials like plastic for the roof and walls, and sturdier materials like wood or metal for the frames. It creates the ideal environment for plants to be grown all year round. If you are someone who has to relocate often due … Read more