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Mini Greenhouse and Homemade Mini Greenhouses great way into gardening

Summer is here and you can’t wait to get out into the garden! As the heat ramps up, a greenhouse may not be the first gardening technique that comes to your mind, but maybe it should be. The most commonly cited function for a greenhouse is to protect vulnerable plants from freezing temperatures. That’s hardly a concern when temperatures are the highest they are all year, right? While this is true, it’s far from the only function a greenhouse can serve.

Mini Greenhouse

Take orchids for example. They enjoy a shaded location with well aerated soil that allows for good drainage. They also do well in humidity. They have a reputation for being difficult plants to grow, but much of this is simple misunderstanding. Take the soil as the first aspect. Many places that feature high humidity do not have dry soil; they have rich, thick, wet soil that can strangle the root systems of delicate plants. Digging up your entire bed and laying down dryer soil is an expensive, time consuming process that most gardeners won’t want to take on. A comparatively inexpensive alternative is a miniature greenhouse and pots for your plants. The greenhouse will help keep the temperature and moisture levels constant, even when the weather is anything but. And because you’re potting the orchids, you can use a soil variant that they will not merely survive, but thrive within.

Because it’s a miniature greenhouse it is mobile, which means you can move it into a location that is shaded for most of the day during the summer, and to a sunnier spot in the yard during winter months. You can even grow different plants in a mini greenhouse during different times of the year. If your time and budget allows, a greenhouse kit can be a great way to get into gardening. These kits offer the supplies necessary to erect a greenhouse, all you need to add is a few tools and the time to build it. They are a significant savings over contracting someone to build a greenhouse for you, and you will know exactly the level of craftsmanship that went into building your greenhouse by the time you are done. Or perhaps you own a greenhouse already. Summer is the perfect time to perform maintenance on it, or to install upgrades.

Because many greenhouse plants can be moved outdoors during the summer months, you can clear out the entire greenhouse to install that watering system you’ve always wanted. Here at Orchid Greenhouse, we have the supplies for any maintenance or upgrade project you have in mind.


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